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  1. Mares Computer - Icon HD Transmitter

    ICON HD NET READY Transmitter • Hoseless tank pressure transmission • Exclusive bi-directional communication • Displays tank pressure, time remaining and current gas consumption

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    Regular Price: ZAR5,999.00

    Special Price ZAR2,999.00

  2. Mares Computer Accessories - Compass Kit Nemo Air

    Add-on Compass for Nemo Air

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    Regular Price: ZAR1,099.00

    Special Price ZAR549.00

  3. Mares Computer Accessories - Matrix Metal Strap

    This optional upgrade strap for the Mares Matrix replaces the standard rubber strap with a stylish metal strap with coloured centre section to match the black or white colour of your Matrix Dive Computer

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    Regular Price: ZAR1,999.00

    Special Price ZAR999.00

  4. Mares Computer Accessories - Nemo Sport Interface USB

    Keep up your log book with this easy-to-use interface from Mares to transfer data to a PC and add your own data for a complete dive log!

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    Regular Price: ZAR2,199.00

    Special Price ZAR1,099.00

  5. Mares Computer Accessories - Nemo Wide Glass Protector

    Mares Nemo Wide Display Protector

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    Regular Price: ZAR549.00

    Special Price ZAR279.00

5 Item(s)

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