Tovatec Torch with built in Camera Mera

Quick Overview

Tovatec has combined a proprietary, high-definition camera and light into a single unit – the MERA™. We have engineered the camera and light to work seamlessly to take simple and beautiful photographs and videos under water. Seamless Integration of a Light and a Camera - refer for more information - also have a look at the following videos - to see what it is all about.

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1000 Lumen primary light • 2.5 hour burn time on high • 6.0 hour burn time on low Second 1000 Lumen video light • 2.5 hour burn time on high • 6.0 hour burn time on low Proprietary high-definition camera • 1.5 hours video with light on • 8.0 hours video with light off • 10,000+ pictures with light on 3 BUTTONS ALLOW SIMPLE, ONE-HANDED OPERATION OF BOTH LIGHTS AND CAMERA Press button to turn light on/off Press button to take still photo Press button to start or stop video Clear area • Glows blue when camera is turned on • Quickly flashes red when picture is taken • Slow on/off red glow when recording video Beam angle 12 Spot Beam angle 120 Video Power mode Hi 1000 lumens 2.5 hours without video on 1.5 hours with video on Power mode Low 500 lumens 6 hours without video on 2 hr 15 mins with video on Color temp: 5700-7300K Depth 60m 7.6” long 2.5” diameter 17.7 oz.

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